print(“Hello World,This is CodeBramha”)

Hello world. This is CodeBramha. I come from a beautiful place on earth , where the oldest civilizations have flourished before this urban age. I have traveled little bit in this short span. I have always been moving, nomadic, open and adventurous. I love farming, its my dream to own a farm and run it with a swarm of bots. Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and computing have been making strides. I’am very happy and sad at the same time, to be living in this exciting times where man on one side is searching for ET and on the other side spending huge amounts of $ on wars. Ever wondered as they say, this might be just one universe in a set of multi-verses where we are programmed to do certain task. Just like that program, you write to do a specific task. Thats the purpose and am in search of mine. As a great man once said,

  “Not all who wander are lost”


-Yakima Desert, Wa,MURICA.

               I am not good at penmanship, vocabulary was never my strongest trait. But i would try to improve it over time. I have backed out from writing a blog for a brief amount of time, due to certain mishaps in my journey. I would like to write about my learning experience and journey of self-teaching to program. Computers have always amazed me after mathematics and space. I will be writing posts about Swift programming to develop IOS apps. I am intrigued by IOT(esp8266, arduino, spark, rasp-pi),rocket-engines,space,start-up ideas and new scripts. I will be trying to solve some math problems, using the scripts. One step at a time, my friend.


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